Tinder Review: is it the best Dating App On The Planet?

Tinder is a premium dating & hookup apps that can be useful for people who look for a companion or date. Users can find a perfect match for them according to their requirement. Men can see various profiles of women on the app and they can send a request to by swiping it towards the right. Just by swiping on the profile you can send interest to a profile and pass it by swiping towards left. When a request is sent and if the opposite party accepts it then it allows both of the profiles to communicate with each other. More than 25 million people use this app and 1 million paid users all over the world.

Tinder is number one hook up app available to download from Android and iOS users. It is available in 24 languages. Everyone uses this app to find sex and time pass. People know what they are doing using this app. You can log in to the app using your Facebook account and enter your number to communicate with others. The app is very easy to use, and you can send unlimited interests a day. Choose the gender you are looking for and upload your latest photos to your profile. There are options to link your Instagram account and Spotify account to display more images

Tinder makes you easy to find a suitable date for you from millions of profiles in it. It is open to any type of relationship like a casual friendship, lesbians, gay, straight and more. Most people think of it only as a dating app for straight people. But don’t take it like that. Anyone can use this app for free without any issues. If you want to get more privileges within the app then go for its premium or gold subscription. No more rejections just swipe to right and start chatting with a mutual interest. Tinder is known as one of the largest community of singles.

Tinder Review: What Makes It The Best Teen Partner?


You can find matches from anywhere around the world. This is a global platform which is accessible for more than 90 countries. You can find locals when you travel anywhere by taking this app with you. Tinder is accessible for anyone above 18 years old. Add interest while creating your account and see how they offer you suitable matches to date with. If mutual interest is there both people can chat online as long as they want using Tinder account.

Tinder also offers many interest features like Tinder U, which allows students to connect with others in the campus. There are two ways to sign up to a Tinder account. One is through Facebook and other is using your phone number. If you want to keep your privacy, then try to sign up to Tinder using phone number so that no one can see that you are trying to hook up someone. Many people do have issues with privacy while using Tinder. They can try to use their mobile number as their login credential and start to enjoy the app to its fullest.


  • Anyone above 18 years can register into Tinder using their Facebook account or Mobile number.
  • You can register to Tinder fast and easily
  • There is no limit to adding information. You can enter as much as information as you want to make your profile more clear
  • One of the popular hooks up apps with a large database of singles who want to find a suitable date from the app
  • Tinder is a location-based dating app. So, it is very easy to meet their matches in-person and have a real date with them.
  • Anyone can register into the app for free without entering any payment details.
  • Tinder app is accessible from 90+ countries. So, anyone can easily access this pp from all around the world.
  • Offers more features through Tinder Plus and Tinder gold which are subscription-based plans.


  • Pricing is age based
  • There is no algorithm for matching
  • While registering you need to enter your Facebook account details
  • There are more opinions for men than women
  • Most women won’t reply to your messages sometimes
  • The process is very slow. You cannot connect with other easily
  • Make your profile more appealable to get more connections because otherwise, you won’t get a proper match from Tinder
  • Users are not matched based on their personalities while using Tinder to find a date

Final verdict

Tinder is one of the best ways to find a short or long-term relationship to take forward in your life. Also, to succeed in this app you need to be in an appropriate location. It is very popular in cities than in rural areas. Make your profile look better to get more matches. Otherwise, it is very difficult to be successful while using it. Upgrade your free account to enjoy extensive features of this app and enjoy your life with a perfect partnership.